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Why you should have your wisdom teeth removed

Why you should have your wisdom teeth removed - Wisdom Teeth Removal - Dental Surgery - Winnipeg DentistsAt Regent Avenue Dental Centre, we understand being told you need to have your wisdom teeth removed can be scary. It can be uncomfortable, there are some risks, and often it’s the first surgical procedure most people will experience in their life. However, we strive to make the entire process as comfortable as possible. We’ll take the necessary time to answer any questions, explain the procedure in full, and ensure you’re prepared for the day.

What are wisdom teeth?

If you open your mouth in front of a mirror, take notice of the four molars in the very back of your mouth, two on each side. Those are your wisdom teeth. Of course, if they’ve been removed when you were younger, you’ll see gaps where the wisdom teeth used to be.

For some of us, wisdom teeth never make an appearance past the gum line. Others may get them, usually by twenty years old, and not even notice that they’re there. Depending on your individual situation your dentist may recommend having them removed. From infection to crowding, there are quite a few reasons your dentist might suggest having your wisdom teeth removed.

The wisdom teeth removal procedure

Wisdom teeth extractions at Regent Avenue Dental Centre are done by our team of dentists. How we go about the removal will be dependent on a number of factors; the size of the wisdom teeth, if they’re through the gum line, amount of space in your mouth all impact the removal procedure. In most cases, having wisdom teeth removed will involve a local anesthetic or sedation.

At times you may need to be referred to the oral surgeon. The dentists at Regent Avenue Dental Centre will discuss your options.  Recovery time after wisdom teeth extractions can vary.

Reasons for having your wisdom teeth removed

Why you should have your wisdom teeth removed - Wisdom Teeth Removal - Dental Surgery - Winnipeg DentistsTooth decay

It’s not uncommon for a partially erupted wisdom tooth to decay. However, because wisdom teeth can be harder to clean, and debris gets trapped between the tooth and the gumline.

Swollen gums

An infection can develop from trapped food, plaque and bacteria known as Pericoronitis.

Tooth crowding

While wisdom teeth do not put enough pressure on your other teeth to move them, they can certainly make the back of your mouth feel like it’s out of space. This crowded feeling is because the impacted wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to grow. Often, they erupt into an abnormal position, they can be tilted or sideways.

Jaw stiffness and pain

Impacted wisdom teeth do not have the room necessary to erupt from the gumline, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. However, this can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the jaw, causing headaches, stiffness and general pain in the area.

Having wisdom teeth removed isn’t fun, but you’ll feel relieved when it’s over. Take the time to talk to your dentist about your symptoms, the necessary steps to take and what to expect during recovery. Trust us, eliminating mouth and jaw pain will lead you to a much happier existence!

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