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Why every family needs a family dentist

Why every family needs a family dentist - Winnipeg Dentist - Family Dentist Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreOnce you become a parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure the health of your child. This includes dental care. Every family needs a family dentist, a provider who can work with both adults and children. Your family dentist will be tasked with providing quality teeth and gum care for every individual in your home. By working with a family dentist, you have a provider that can see the parents as well as children, in one sitting!

Regular cleanings with your family dentist

The first reason for having a family needs a dentist is for teeth cleanings. Teeth need to be cleaned every six months to avoid any plaque buildup as well as cavities, especially in children. The whole mouth needs to be inspected and checked for any imperfections or issues such as early signs of gum disease.

When you have a regular dentist, they get to know you and your family. Everyone becomes comfortable with the visits and your dentist can easily tell when something is wrong. Having a shared history with your dentist will allow them to recommend more personalized dental care treatments.

Familiar, quality care from your family dentist

Why every family needs a family dentist - Winnipeg Dentist - Family Dentist Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreWhen you have a family dentist, you have a provider that is ready to help your family. If you were to go to any dentist for a cleaning, you may feel uncomfortable because you do not know the person. Having a family dentist allows you to become comfortable with your provider and get to know each other. This makes treatments and cleanings much more comfortable for you as well as your child.

Are you a new patient looking for a family dentist?

Many dental offices may only accept new patients during certain times or sporadically throughout the year. It can be frustrating to go through the process of seeking out a dental clinic, only to find out they aren’t excepting new patients. However, at Regent Avenue Dental Centre we are always looking for new patients! We want to make it easy and to relieve your fears, and anxiety surrounding visiting the dentist. Our website features all of our dental team members photos so you see familiar faces as soon as you walk in the door! In addition to that, we also have our handy “new patient” guide available on our website, which will help you learn what to expect from your dental appointment.

Regent Avenue Dental Centre is ready to provide quality family care, from children to adults. We want to welcome you to our dental family. Contact the office today by phone – 204.817.8915 or use the website to schedule an appointment.

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