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Should you replace your metal fillings with composite fillings?

Should you replace your metal fillings with composite fillings? - Composite Fillings - Cosmetic Dentistry - Winnipeg Dentist - Regent Avenue Dental CentreMetal fillings have been used in dentistry for decades, and these dental fillings are durable and highly effective at restoring your teeth after they’re affected by tooth decay. But if you have metal dental fillings, you may be wondering if they should be replaced – is it a good idea to get composite dental fillings instead?

Healthy, strong metal fillings don’t need to be replaced

If your dentist says your metal filling is strong and healthy, there’s no reason to replace it. Metal dental fillings can easily last up to 20 years or longer. If the filling is still protecting your tooth effectively, there’s usually no reason to replace it.

The only exception is if you are worried about aesthetics. If you have one or more metal dental fillings that are causing your teeth to look discoloured and this is making you feel bad about your smile, it may be worth replacing metal fillings with composite fillings. Consult with your dentist for more information and to see if this is a good option for you.

Failing metal or composite fillings should be replaced immediately

Should you replace your metal fillings with composite fillings? - Composite Fillings - Cosmetic Dentistry - Winnipeg Dentist - Regent Avenue Dental CentreEventually, metal dental fillings – and composite dental fillings – may fail. This happens due to natural wear and tear. The filling material may begin to pull away from the enamel of the tooth, creating a gap between the filling and your tooth structure.

This gap can catch food debris. Bacteria will begin to feed on this debris and create acid that will eat away at your enamel and could cause future tooth decay. Because of this, it’s very important to replace a failing filling – whether it’s made of metal-amalgam or dental composite.

To make sure your fillings are in great shape, it’s important to see your dentist at Regent Avenue Dental Centre every six months for a teeth cleaning and oral exam.

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