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Tips to overcome dental anxiety before an appointment

Tips to overcome dental anxiety before an appointment - Family Dentist Winnipeg - Dental Clinic Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreGoing to the dentist can be quite scary for some people. When you have the drilling tools, the weird sounds, the bright lights, it is enough to bring the thought of pain to almost anyone. If you have dental anxiety, then it can even hinder you by missing your appointments.

Taking care of your teeth and having good oral health is essential, so there are some things you can do to help ease your dental anxiety. Soon enough, you’ll be looking forward to each appointment with a smile on your face.

Dental anxiety – address the problem

Are you afraid that it’s going to hurt when the dentist goes in for a cleaning? Talk to your dentist or dental hygienist before your appointment starts. Typically, teeth cleaning shouldn’t cause pain. Your dental professionals should be able to reassure you of the procedures taken during your preventative care appointment.

Should your appointment be for other procedures, such as a filling for a cavity, root canal, crown preparation you can discuss options with your dentist. Options such as medication and nitrous oxide sedation can help reduce your anxiety.

Tips to overcome dental anxiety before an appointment - Family Dentist Winnipeg - Dental Clinic Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreHowever, the dentist can’t provide you with these options if you don’t speak up. Make your concerns known when you’re making your appointment and the dentist or dental hygienist will have everything ready for you when you show up.

Dental anxiety – feelings of helplessness

Some people just don’t do well confined to the chair for long periods. It can result in feelings of being trapped or even claustrophobia and can make anxiety worse. Feel free to raise your hand and tell the dentist or hygienist that you need a few minutes to collect yourself. Even just having a five-minute conversation with them can help to ease anxiety, and they can learn how to help reduce your fear.

During your appointment, if you feel having a scheduled break during your procedure will help you relax, we can set that with you. The ‘break’ will allow your mind to digest the length of time between the start and finish more easily and give you something to look forward to.

Dental anxiety – outside alternatives

Tips to overcome dental anxiety before an appointment - Family Dentist Winnipeg - Dental Clinic Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreAsk the office if you can bring in your iPod and listen to your favorite music or audiobook. Keep a stress ball in your pocket that you can squeeze and relieve your tension. Bring a friend along to sit in the room with you.

You could also investigate dentists who have televisions in their rooms that you can watch while your teeth are being cleaned. Simple things like these can-do wonders on helping those with dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety doesn’t have to be debilitating if you’re willing to talk about it with your dentist. So, give Regent Avenue Dental Centre a call at 204-817-8915 and book your appointment today. Our friendly professionals want to make you part of our dental family. We will always do our best to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment to provide you with a stress-free experience.

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