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The Myths of Wisdom Tooth Removal

The Myths of Wisdom Tooth Removal - Regent Avenue Dental Centre - Dentist Winnipeg, Manitoba

Getting your wisdom teeth is sometimes considered a rite of passage, while other times it becomes a nerve-wracking event. Most of the time, people who start getting their wisdom teeth coming in worry about getting them pulled right away. Part of the concern that comes from getting wisdom teeth pulled stems back to the myths that surround your wisdom teeth. Read on to find out if you know all there is to know about wisdom teeth and having them removed.

Myth #1: There Are Always Four Wisdom Teeth

This is inaccurate. Wisdom teeth often show up in sets of four, but not everyone has four of them. Some people are only born with one, two, or three, and a lucky few are born without any wisdom teeth at all.

Myth #2: Wisdom Teeth Always Require Extraction

This again is inaccurate. Some people need to have their wisdom teeth pulled due to the pressure they are causing the jaw or other teeth or because they have started to decay. However, some people have their wisdom teeth come in straight, without pressure on surrounding teeth, and fully emerge without a problem.

Myth #3: Any Dentist Can Pull Wisdom Teeth

This is partly true, but mostly false. While most general dentists do perform extractions, the location, and the complexity often requires the patient to see a dentist that specializes in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery or OMS. These dentists are also called oral surgeons; they are specialists that are trained to perform more complex extractions.

Myth #4: Wisdom Teeth Always Come in In the Late Teens

Some people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens, but they show up anywhere from 15 years old through 25 years old, in the majority of people. There are always exceptions to the rule, but most people will get their wisdom teeth erupting during this ten-year window.

Myth #5: It is Always Best to Remove Wisdom Teeth When Young

This is, again, partly true and partly false. If you are going to need to have your wisdom teeth removed, then doing it when you are young is going to cut down on how much recovery time you need, but some people do not need to have them removed when they are young. The younger you are, the less developed your wisdom teeth are, which makes removing them and the subsequent recovery easier. However, removing them can still occur when you are older, and shouldn’t be done if there isn’t any reason to remove the wisdom teeth when they first erupt.

When you want to find out more about wisdom teeth and if you need to have yours extracted, you need to speak directly with us at Regent Dental. Wisdom teeth have the potential to harm your oral health, so you need to keep a close eye on them from the moment they are beginning to erupt, all the way through until they are fully in place. Come in, or call, and speak with us and see what needs to be done with your wisdom teeth.

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