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How to prevent cavities naturally

In Canada, 96% of adults have had or currently have a cavity. This is not only a discouraging statistic but a sign that we need to improve education on how to prevent cavities naturally. Not all cavities can be naturally prevented, but here are a few techniques for ways that you can reduce your risk.

Prevent cavities naturally: avoid overconsuming added sugar

Today, such a large percent of our food contains sugar. Due to this, Canadians are consuming a much larger amount of sugar than is recommended daily. Sugar, in tandem with bacteria that forms in the mouth, can become acidic and break down the enamel. Try to limit your sugar intake to prevent cavities naturally. If there is a sugar-free option, choose that instead.

How to prevent cavities naturally - Restorative Treatment - Mouth Health - Winnipeg Dental Clinic - Regent Avenue Dental CentreAdditionally, if you have just consumed something high in sugar, brush your teeth thoroughly right after. If you cannot brush – or floss – drink a glass of water to rinse away any residue left on the tooth surface. This can help prevent damage before it really sinks in and wears down your enamel. Grab a piece of cheese to help neutralize the acid in your mouth.

Prevent cavities naturally: Avoid other foods as well!

Sugar isn’t the only culprit when it comes to preventing cavities. Carbonated drinks, artificial food, and processed foods all will have large amounts of sugar added. Avoid these foods whenever possible – not only to prevent cavities – but for overall health.

Follow a consistent tooth-care regimen to prevent cavities

The most important thing you can do for preventing cavities is taking care of your teeth consistently. This involves a variety of factors.

Brush your teeth to prevent cavities

You should be brushing a minimum of two times per day. Your toothpaste should contain fluoride to strengthen the teeth, prevent decay, and even reverse or stop decay in it’s early stages.

Floss your teeth to prevent cavities

Daily flossing is also critical to this process, as is ensuring that you are regularly visiting the dentist.

How to prevent cavities naturally - Restorative Treatment - Mouth Health - Winnipeg Dental Clinic - Regent Avenue Dental CentreReceive regular check-ups to prevent cavities

Offices like Regent Avenue Dental Centre are there to help you take the best care of your teeth possible, and scheduling a visit will help you get a handle on your dental health. If a cavity is forming in its early stages, a dentist may be able to help recommend a treatment plan to repairing the cavity with a filling.

Preventing cavities naturally

Not all cavities can be naturally treated and prevented. It is important that if you think you may have a cavity, you go to a professional dentist and have it examined and treated as soon as is possible. It is also important to visit the dentist regularly, as they can locate early cavities and send you on a route of prevention. Although cavities can not necessarily be undone, you can take steps in advance to lower your risk and stagnate the decay of existing cavities.

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