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Are Direct-to-Consumer Dental Appliances Safe?

Are Direct-to-Consumer Appliances Safe - General Dentistry - Dentist Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreAs technology and online services shape our world, it is exciting to see how we can save time and money by purchasing within those marketplaces. This is a fantastic option when trying to get the best price on homewares or clothes but might not be the best decision when caring for your oral health. In this month’s article, we examine direct-to-consumer dental appliances.

What are direct-to-consumer dental appliances?

Direct-to-consumer dental appliances are any tools or products that are designed to change the appearance of your teeth, without requiring a trip to the dentist.

Direct-to-consumer dental appliances can include:

Teeth whitening kits

Seen frequently on drug store shelves and on social media platforms. Whitening kits can be strips that are applied directly to your teeth, or whitening toothpastes that are designed to polish away surface stains. Often these products do not include the same combination or strength of whitening substances and may be ineffective at removing stains, or worse, cause damage to your teeth.

Another trendy whitening kit option is activated charcoal paste or powders. These products have often not been scientifically tested or approved by any governing body. Before using these types of products, you should consult your dentist.

Dental splints to change bite

Some products on the market will change a person’s bite temporarily for various reasons. These products may change the outward appearance of your teeth, but if there is an underlying issue causing the misalignment it will not be identified or addressed.

Temporary veneers

These devices clip into the mouth, usually the upper teeth, to offer temporary cosmetic solutions.

At home teeth aligners and braces

Are Direct-to-Consumer Appliances Safe - General Dentistry - Dentist Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreThere has been a surge in popularity for these devices on social media that promise to align teeth over time as braces do. Similar to the dental splints mentioned previously, these products may change the outward appearance of your teeth. However, any underlying issues causing the misalignment will not be identified or addressed and your teeth are likely to return to their previous positioning once the aligners or braces are no longer being worn long-term.

Mouth guards and anti-snoring devices

These are used to protect teeth from things like teeth grinding or help reduce snoring.

The hidden dangers of direct-to-consumer dental appliances

These products are designed to be generic by nature and fit various sized mouths. Some devices can be dangerous and do significant damage to teeth that can sometimes be permanent. Dental work and services are all customized for the person and are supposed to be unique to each individual who uses them.

Seek a professional to handle dental work

We know it can be tempting to get these kinds of devices without seeking advice or guidance from a dental professional. Before taking a step that may harm dental health, consider a consultation with a dentist who can offer a full oral health evaluation, and give suggestions on appropriate dental work that would be of benefit. They can screen for things like gum disease and oral cancer, as well as provide a complete calculation of what may or may not be a good choice in direct-to-consumer products.

If you have cosmetic concerns with your teeth and are interested in learning more about the options available to you contact us today. Don’t risk damaging your teeth with direct-to-consumer dental appliances! Reach out to your dentist at Regent Avenue Dental Centre today to discuss your specific needs and get a complete checkup to ensure you’re living your best dental health life.

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