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3 Ways to Change Your Teeth With Cosmetic Dentistry

3 Ways to Change Your Teeth With Cosmetic Dentistry - Regent Avenue Dental Center - Winnipeg DentistDo you find yourself hiding your smile because something about it makes you unhappy? If so, minor changes through cosmetic dentistry may be the best option to help you restore your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can give you the aesthetic smile you have been looking for. You can improve the color of your smile, the shape of your teeth, and even the imperfections that could keep you from smiling as much as you should. There are quite a few ways that your smile can be altered through cosmetic dentistry. Here is a look at three of the most popular.

Get Whiter Teeth
When your smile is dark or stained, you tend to hold your mouth closed more, speak quieter, and try not to become the center of attention. Having a bright, white smile can help you feel better about yourself and increase your self-esteem and outward confidence. The best way of getting that brighter smile is to see your dentist about whitening your teeth. By going to your dentist for tooth whitening, you allow your teeth to have a professional treatment to remove the stains, in a controlled environment. This gives you more accurate, and safer, results than trying to do it yourself. You can go from being nervous about your smile to smiling so big that everyone around you is bound to notice.

Get Straighter Teeth
Having teeth that don’t align quite right can be a problem both aesthetically and functionally. Sometimes your teeth come down improperly, putting undue stress on some teeth and not enough pressure on other teeth to keep them healthy. You have a few options when it comes to getting straighter teeth. Your dentist can refer you to an orthodontist who will advise you of the options available to you. Your dentist can advise you on the possibility of having some of your teeth contoured which can help your teeth appear to be straighter and function more effectively.

Cover Oral Imperfections
When your teeth have chips, cracks, have been worn down, or have gaps, you may need help fixing those imperfections. One of the best ways to do this is to get dental veneers applied. These sheets of very thin porcelain look just like your real teeth, but an improved version of them. They can close gaps, cover minor imperfections, and make your smile appear healthier. You can also get bonding to cover minor imperfections, as it can cover chips, small gaps, and similar problems. Fillings that match the color of your teeth can also make your smile better, as dark fillings tend to stand out more than tooth-colored fillings do.

To find out more about cosmetic dentistry, contact us at Regent Avenue Dental Centre. We can help explain your options to you for the issues you want to correct, and then we customize a treatment plan for you. Then, we can help you with the process from start to finish! Call us today!

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