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Looking into Regent Avenue Dental Centre History

Regent Avenue Looking East in the 1970's - Looking into Regent Avenue Dental Centre history - Winnipeg Dentist - Dental Clinic Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreCavalier Square Dental

Regent Avenue Dental Centre started off as Cavalier Square Dental at 1600 Regent Avenue. Dr. Gary Smith and Dr. Stephen Weiss founded the dental clinic in 1977. The intention was for Dr. Jerry Weiss to join their dental practice after he graduated with his Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Introducing Dr. Jerry Weiss

Dr. Jerry Weiss graduated from the University of Manitoba in May of 1978. For a short period between graduation and joining the practice, he worked for the Federal Government servicing remote areas in Northern Manitoba such as Split Lake, Shamatawa, Garden Hill and Norway house. Dr. Jerry Weiss enjoyed the challenges of working in remote communities. However, many times he was the only healthcare provider in the community.

Upon returning to Winnipeg, Dr. Jerry Weiss joined his brother in the practice in January 1979. At the time, Cavalier Square Dental’s team consisted of three operatories (dental equipment rooms), with one receptionist, one hygienist and one dental assistant.

Why did Regent Avenue Dental Centre choose this area?

Regent Square in the mid-1990's - Looking into Regent Avenue Dental Centre history - Winnipeg Dental Office - Gentle Dentist - Regent Avenue Dental CentreIn the 1970’s Transcona was a poorly underserviced area. Dr. Smith was a former resident of Transcona and knew this firsthand. The location selected was in a strip mall that had a hairdresser, daycare centre and veterinarian clinic beside where the Cavalier Hotel is. The strip mall was Cavalier Square Dental’s location for approximately nine years before moving to our current location at L-1522 Regent Avenue W.

Relocating our dental centre within Transcona and continued expansion

Before the office moved to its current location, the land was farmland. In the mid-80’s, land developers built a strip mall and across the street from the strip mall was a Bonanza Restaurant. The move away from Cavalier Square prompted the change in the business’ name. In 1986, when the move from the previous Cavalier Square location to 1522 Regent Avenue West, the dental centre was renamed to Regent Avenue Dental Centre.

Shortly after the relocation, the dental centre expanded to three hygienists, 3 dentists and 8 operatories. Fast forward ten years later, we continued to expand to serve our patients – adding the ninth operatory.

Aerial Maps of Transcona and Regent Dental Office Site - Looking into Regent Avenue Dental Centre history - Dentist Winnipeg - Emergency Dentist - Regent Avenue Dental Centre

Leveraging dental care and office systems technology

Panorex Machine for jaw xraysOver the years, like any other industry’s technological advances, technology has impacted the dental and oral care sector. Our dental centre is in a constant state of change so that we can treat your dentistry needs effectively and efficiently as possible. Improvements throughout the years include digital x-rays, direct-billing insurances. We are currently in the transformation process of going chartless. As seen in the photo to the right, this is our Panorex Machine for jaw x-rays.

We understand communication with our patients is key. We’ve implemented communication systems such as ClearConnect, which provides patients with email confirmations and text reminders and Cleardent, for scheduling appointments. Our phone system was upgraded from Aiphones and expanded to the operatories for communication throughout the office. We’ve updated our computer systems from the One-Write System to Genie, and now to now Cleardent for all our scheduling and processing of dental insurance claims.

Expanding our dental centre team

Besides moving locations, renovations, upgrades in technology and equipment – we are also highly invested in our people. Our dental centre team is what has made Regent Avenue Dental Centre the place it is today. While Dr. Jerry Weiss is still actively practicing dentistry, both Dr. Gary Smith and Dr. Stephen Weiss has since retired. This bred new opportunity for other dentists to join our team.  Dr. Patricia Kmet joined the practice in 1989; Dr. Charles Morris in 1999; and Dr. Mandeep Sidhu in 2011.

In addition to our dentists, we’ve grown and continue to maintain a staff of twenty-seven team members; each an integral part of our success. At present day (November 2018) our team consists of management team members, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and reception and support team members. Even with the growth of our team throughout the years, we’ve always remained dedicated to being your approachable, friendly neighbourhood dental centre.

Our Dental Team - Looking into Regent Avenue Dental Centre history - Winnipeg Dentist - Dental Clinic Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental Centre

Looking into the future for Regent Avenue Dental Centre

Within our neighbourhood, community and nearby areas we’ve been privileged to see staggering growth. Kildonan Place Shopping Center, Costco and other major stores featuring in-demand products and services pushing the city north and eastward to the boundary of the Perimeter Highway. Exciting, new residential land development areas like Devonshire Village, Starlite Village and Crocus Meadows have brought many new families to the area. We instil the values of family and community into each of our team members. In return, we see them take pride in their careers and grow to new heights. We will continue serving Transcona and surrounding areas of Winnipeg for many years to come.

We look forward to meeting every one of you, and we hope you select us as your dental centre, becoming a new patient and part of our dental family. To join our dental family, contact us today!

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