Myth 1

It’s dangerous for children to consume fluoride.

Fact: Getting enough fluoride in childhood is crucial to maintaining healthy teeth throughout our lives. Fluoride strengthens baby and child teeth as they grow. It has been documented that fluoride is both safe and effective in preventing and controlling cavities.

Myth 2

There is a risk that autism can occur by using fluoride.

Fact: Fluoride has not been shown to increase the risk of autism in any research or study.

Myth 3

Fluoride is cancerous.

Fact: A number of scientific studies have found no link between fluoride in water and any type of cancer.

Myth 4

Allergies are caused by fluoride.

Fact: Numerous reviews by leading health organizations around the world have shown no correlation between water fluoridation and allergies, hypersensitivity, or other immune responses.

Myth 5

Fluoride causes arthritis.

Fact: The incidence of arthritis is no different in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities, and there has never been any evidence from doctors, let alone published studies, suggesting this.

Myth 6

IQ is lowered by the consumption of fluoride.

Fact: In the original study that concluded fluoride lowers IQ, fluoride levels were double or triple those found in drinking water, according to the researchers who evaluated the study. In addition, researchers neglected to consider other factors that might have contributed to the lower IQ scores. In general, researchers have found that studies linking fluoride to major health problems are unreliable.