What are tooth extractions | Regent Avenue Dental Centre, WinnipegTooth extractions are our last resort to treat dental tooth crowding complications. However, they’re sometimes the best way to protect and preserve your oral health. Read on to learn more about this procedure and see when a tooth extraction may be necessary.

What are tooth extractions?

Part of the tooth extraction procedure | Regent Avenue Dental Centre, WinnipegTooth extraction is a procedure performed by a dentist to completely remove a tooth from your mouth. Usually, this can be done by simply loosening the tooth and extracting it.  This is called a “simple extraction.”

However, surgical extractions are sometimes required for damaged or impacted (not fully erupted) teeth. This involves sectioning the tooth and extracting it.

Why might tooth extractions be required?

There are a variety of reasons this procedure may be required. For example, it may be used to remove wisdom teeth due to pain or impaction, to remove a tooth that’s been damaged from decay or trauma, or even to remove a tooth to prepare for braces or make room in an overcrowded mouth.

Healing best practices for your tooth extractions

Healed patient smiling after a tooth extraction | Regent Avenue Dental Centre, WinnipegIf you’ve had a tooth extraction at Regent Avenue Dental Centre, our dentists in Winnipeg will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructions to help you recover.

There are a few different steps you’ll need to take, such as eating a diet of mostly soft foods for a few days, avoiding brushing the extraction site directly, and taking a break from heavy exercise.

It will take about 1-2 weeks to heal completely from a tooth extraction. While you may experience some pain or discomfort as you recover, this will usually begin to fade after just a few days.

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