What is pediatric dentistry? - Pediatric Dentistry - Mouth Health - Dentist Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreIf you are a new parent, you may be looking for a dentist to provide pediatric care for your child. At Regent Avenue Dental Centre, we want you and your family to become part of our dental family! We offer complete and comprehensive services for anyone age 1 and up. Not sure what to expect from pediatric dentistry services? Learn more about what we offer below!

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry focuses on caring for your child’s mouth as they age and grow. Children have unique dental challenges compared to adults, such as a higher risk of cavities due to the weaker enamel of the baby teeth.

A family dentist for kids will help assess your child’s oral health, provide regular checkups and exams to make sure their smile is healthy, and provide you with tips and information about at-home dental care to keep your child’s teeth strong.

What’s involved in children’s dental care?

Dentists for children typically offer a wide variety of treatments. Preventive care is the primary focus for kids, so your child’s pediatric dentist will focus on:

  • Oral exams and teeth cleanings
  • Dental x-rays (when necessary)
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental sealants

A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body, so it’s important to work with a dentist and follow pediatric oral care best practices.

Full-service pediatric dentistry

However, besides the preventative dental services, our dental team can also help restore and protect your child’s mouth if one or more of their teeth is damaged. Dental fillings may be used to protect a tooth that has a large cavity, or a pediatric dental crown may be required to repair a tooth that is cracked or broken due to dental trauma.

Start dental habits early for life-long success

What is pediatric dentistry? - Pediatric Dentistry - Mouth Health - Dentist Winnipeg - Regent Avenue Dental CentreIn your child’s early years, there are immense amounts of development happening with their mind and body – and their teeth and mouth health is no exception. While it might seem excessive, we highly recommend a parent to schedule the child’s first dental appointment at the first sign of tooth development. Only a dentist can advise and review your child’s oral care, to ensure they are receiving what they need. For each child, the frequency and care recommended will differ, but it’s important to establish the relationship and dialogue at that first appointment.

As time progresses, our dentists will continue to help provide you with information about your child’s changing mouth and oral development. However, one of the best ways to set your child up for long-term oral health success is to start the habits early. That includes teeth brushing and flossing using proper techniques and regular preventative dental appointments with your dentist.

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