What is restorative dental care?

Is restorative dental care the right dental care for you - Root Canals - Winnipeg Dental Office - Winnipeg Dentists - Regent Avenue Dental CentreRestorative dental care is considered any dental procedure that restores your teeth to their full functionality or appearance. We’ll cover a variety of restorative dental care offered at Regent Avenue Dental Centre and dive into whether this might be the right dental care for you. However, in nearly all situations, it’s always best to discuss any dental problems with your dentist. If you’d like to reach one of our dentists, contact us via our website or call 204.817.8915 to set up an appointment today.

Types of restorative dental care

Not sure if restorative dental care from Regent Avenue Dental Centre is right for you? Let’s look at a few common oral health issues and the restorative treatments that can help you restore your smile now.

Cavities & tooth decay

Is restorative dental care the right dental care for you - Fillings - Winnipeg Dental Office - Winnipeg Dentists - Regent Avenue Dental CentreIf you have one or more cavities, restorative dental care is essential to restore and repair your teeth. For minor to moderate cases of tooth decay, the best option is typically a filling, which will be used to restore the tooth. For larger cavities, a dental crown, which covers up and protects your entire tooth, may be recommended instead.

Infected teeth

Teeth can become infected due to a severe, untreated cavity, or due to oral trauma that cracks or breaks the tooth. If this happens, a root canal is typically required. This procedure involves opening the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the inside, and then restoring the tooth with a dental crown or a filling. This restores it, prevents further complications, and provides you with relief from pain and discomfort.

Cracked, broken, or damaged teeth

In most cases, a dental crown will be recommended to restore a tooth that has been cracked, broken or otherwise damaged due to dental trauma or due to an oral health issue like untreated teeth grinding (bruxism). Crowns restore the shape and functionality of the tooth and protect the remaining structure from further damage.

Missing teeth

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge or an implant. Dental bridges attach to healthy teeth using dental crowns. An implant replaces just the missing tooth.

Full and partial dentures (false teeth) may also be a good option for you, depending on your oral health, budget, personal preferences, and other such factors.

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Is restorative dental care the right dental care for you - Crowns - Winnipeg Dental Office - Winnipeg Dentists - Regent Avenue Dental CentreAt Regent Avenue Dental Centre, we have been helping patients in Winnipeg to restore their smiles since 1977. Whether you have a cavity, an infected tooth, a damaged tooth, or one or more missing teeth, we can help with your whole mouth health. Ready to get started and find out which treatment may be right for you? Contact us online now, or give us a call at 204.817.8915 to schedule a consultation.