What are the five worst foods and drinks for oral health? - Mouth Health - General Dentistry - Winnipeg Dentist - Regent Avenue Dental CentreFor a lot of people, tooth and gum problems cause pain, discomfort, and can even compromise your immunity. But preserving your dental health doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. One of the best things you can do for your smile is to eat foods that won’t damage your teeth. If you do indulge in any of the foods listed, moderation can also be your ally. Below, we’ll cover the worst five foods and drinks for poor oral health.

Worst foods and drinks for oral health: soda

Soda is not just bad for your waistline. It can also damage your teeth. Sipping sugary drinks will cause plaque to build up on the teeth, and plaque bacteria feed off the sugars in soda, giving off an acid that decays the tooth enamel. Swap out soda for water to preserve your oral health and reduce your caloric intake.

Worst foods and drinks for oral health: sour and sticky candy

Sticky candy will cling to your teeth and cause plaque to accumulate. Plus, sticky candy that’s sour produces different acid and chemical compounds in the mouth that plaque bacteria thrive on. If you must satisfy a sweet tooth, go for a little bit of dark chocolate instead. It’s not sour, and it’s easier to wash off your teeth.

Worst foods and drinks for oral health: alcohol

Alcohol is severely dehydrating. Anytime your mouth is dry, it puts your teeth at risk of developing cavities. Saliva also offers protection from oral infections and gum disease. Keep alcohol intake to a minimum and always be sure to stay hydrated if you’ll be drinking.

Worst foods and drinks for oral health: citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C and beneficial antioxidants. But the acid in them can wear away at the enamel. Eat these foods in moderation and be sure to rinse with water after eating a piece of citrus fruit.

Worst foods and drinks for oral health: potato chips

It’s hard to eat just one, and the crunch of a salty, savory potato chip is hard to resist. But eating chips means cramming the spaces between your teeth full of starch, a sugary substance that bacteria love. Swap chips out for nuts instead, which have more nutrients and will also stimulate saliva production, which is good for your gums and teeth.

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