Your child’s baby teeth will start falling out starting at the age of five or six, and they will continue to lose teeth until about the age of twelve. Chances are, it’s been years since you’ve encountered this situation yourself. Not sure how to handle a loose baby tooth? Get all the details you need now.

Why do baby teeth fall out?

How to handle your child’s loose baby teeth - Pediatic Dentistry - Winnipeg Dentist - Family Dentist - Regent Avenue Dental CentreThe simple answer is to make room for adult teeth! Baby teeth are smaller and fit into a child-sized jaw. Then, as your child grows, their baby teeth fall out and are replaced by permanent, adult teeth. Adult teeth are much larger and wouldn’t fit in the child’s jaw properly as a baby. Rest assured, baby teeth falling out is totally normal. You can likely recall back to your childhood as you would’ve experienced the same thing.

Should I pull out my child’s baby teeth?

As a rule, we don’t recommend it. In the past, parents would sometimes “help” a baby tooth fall out, or even pull it for their children. However, this is not necessary. Pulling the tooth before it’s ready to fall out on its own can result in damage to the tissue. In some situation, the resulting damage can lead to gum infection, pain and bleeding.

When your child has a loose baby tooth, it will eventually fall out on its own. In addition, kids will usually start playing with the tooth, and moving it around with their tongue, which will loosen it naturally.

What if my child swallows their baby teeth?

Many parents are worried that their kid will accidentally swallow the tooth when it falls out. This is one of the many reasons which is why parents thought to pull the teeth prematurely. However, this is nothing to be concerned about. Your child will not choke, should they swallow the tooth. And even if they do swallow the tooth, it is extremely unlikely that there will be any complications. It just might make a visit from the tooth fairly more difficult!

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